Our Teacher

Meet the Instructor of All Together Now

All Together Now offers an enthusiastic and experienced teacher for you and your little ones! She is passionate about music and the development of children. She creates a fun, informal, social setting that inspires participation which supports each child's musical development.


Alma Fusco is the director and teacher of All Together Now. She has completed a live Music Together® Teacher Training, which is built on research in early childhood and music development since 2002. Music Together keeps her skills fresh through workshops every semester and advanced trainings offered by Music Together Worldwide. She knows that music is one of the only activities that activates, stimulates and uses the entire brain which facilitates and reinforces other learning, especially in the critical early childhood years. She loves working with families in creating a playful and musical environment that can best support their child's musical development.

Alma had made her debut on the stage starring in the role of Abuela Claudia in "In The Heights" at the Musial Theatre Heritage at Crown Center in 2019. 




photo Alma Fusco